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      How to Break into Digital Advertising Without Breaking the Bank
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  2. About Yahoo!

    Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) is an American public corporation and global Internet services company. It provides a range of products and services including a Web portal, a search engine, the Yahoo! Directory, Yahoo! Mail, news, and posting. It was founded by Stanford University graduate students Jerry Yang and David Filo in January of 1994 and incorporated on March 2, 1995. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

    According to Web traffic analysis companies (including comScore, Alexa Internet, and Nielsen Ratings), Yahoo has been one of the most visited websites on the Internet, with more than 130 million unique users per month. The global network of Yahoo! websites receives 3.4 billion page views per day on average as of October 2007, making it one of the most visited U.S. websites.