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    2. It is Facebook’s responsibility to boost jobs, says COO Sheryl Sandberg

      It is Facebook’s responsibility to boost jobs, says COO Sheryl Sandberg
      ...reasingly replacing workers in industries from retail to manufacturing, Facebook Inc. Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said the company has a duty to help businesses create new jobs. “Technology is certainly repla...
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    1. In consumer technology, if you want to know what people like us will do tomorrow, you look at what teenagers are doing today -- and the latest figures say that only 11 per cent of teenagers email daily. So email -- I can't imagine life without it -- is probably going away
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    1. We have become recognized as a platform for product launches and thought leadership, which allows us to feature speakers like Sheryl Sandberg, Martha Stewart, and even President Obama himself at our annual conference.
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