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    2. Startups Don't Need Unicorn Aspirations to Attract Investor Attention

      Startups Don't Need Unicorn Aspirations to Attract Investor Attention
      ...ns between $50 million and $100 million. To join the unicorn hunt, you have to be an Andreessen-Horowitz or a Sequoia Capital at the start of the chase or a DST Global at the end of it. Since competition to get in the ga...
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  2. About Sequoia Capital

    Sequoia Capital

    As the "Entrepreneurs Behind the Entrepreneurs", Sequoia Capital has had the privilege of being the first venture capital investor and business partner in companies that makeup 10% of the NASDAQ's value. Here are some of the people who have chosen us as partners:

    Steve Jobs, Apple Computer
    Larry Ellison, Oracle
    Bob Swanson, Linear Technology
    Sandy Lerner and Len Bozack, Cisco Systems
    Jerry Yang and David Filo, Yahoo!
    Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA
    Dan Warmenhoven, NetApp
    Michael Marks, Flextronics
    Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google
    Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, YouTube


    1. The consideration for the acquisition will be all cash and includes a substantial earn-out component, based on Agilyst's future performance.
      In Sequoia Capital-backed eClerx Acquires US-based KPO Agilyst
    2. They recognize how important it is to be tied into the developer community.
      In Mobile-App Developers Can Now Dial Up AT&T
    3. VC is a long-term business, and we are starting several nice liquidity events in our portfolio, many of which were investments made several years ago.
      In VC-backed IPOs set to raise $1-bn this year
    4. VC-backed companies find it easier going public because FIIs and hedge funds take comfort in the fact that there are high quality investors to start with.
      In VC-backed IPOs set to raise $1-bn this year
    5. Probably the toughest periods were the 2001-02 tech market correction and the 2008 recession.
      In VC-backed IPOs set to raise $1-bn this year
    6. You've got to have the crazy entrepreneur types, who you've got to celebrate, which we do in America. And you've got to have the venture capital, which really is
      In Eric Schmidt Says Europe Needs More Entrepreneurs
    7. It won't do the industry any service if we put companies out that run up in the first 3 months and then collapse soon afterwards.
      In Fallbrook's $50M IPO: Transmission Innovator
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    1. Reaching the 10 million mark shows the appetite from people with regular phones to have the same experiences and access to services that the relatively few people with the top-end phones enjoy. This is a very exciting time for us as we continue to roll out simple to use, high quality services that are accessible by everyone. We are delighted to have Carmel Ventures recognize the value of our vision and to join Sequoia Capital as stakeholders in our business.
      In Snaptu Reaches 10 Million Users, Announces $6M Series B Funding
    2. We are very pleased to license AEROSPAN from Forest and to complete this round of financing with Sequoia Capital.
      John W. Simon in Acton Pharma Raises $15 Million
    3. You hear venture capital firms like Sequoia Capital tell you
      In Business boot camp inspires Stanford Students