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    1. Using a URL shortening service is not bad for SEO, provided you use a service like TinyURL, which uses 301 permanent redirects.
      In 5 reasons why it pays to shorten your URLs
    2. The goal behind SEO is to attract new, targeted customers to websites via the search engines' natural or organic (as opposed to sponsored) results.
      In 4 Tools For Measuring Your Keyword Strength
    3. Business Communications Group has been a great asset to several HubSpot customers, helping them with everything from b2b branding, website design, SEO and online lead generation. Unlike many other marketing firms, their services deliver results to clients. If you're looking for a firm that truly understands what's important to a B2B company, Business Communications Group should be on your short list.
      In Internet Marketing Agency Business Communications Group Named a HubSpot Partner