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    2. The 25 Most Influential Executives In The Business Travel Industry Of 2009

      The 25 Most Influential Executives In The Business Travel Industry Of 2009
      ...epublic and consume the Frontier brand. "I admit there was certainly a lot more value for Southwest in buying Frontier than there was for Republic buying Frontier," Bedford said. "We thought we brought good things to the...
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  2. Quotes about Frontier

    1. Hummer drivers believe they are defending America's frontier lifestyle against anti-American critics.
      In Hummer Deal May Not Go Through; Brand In Jeopardy
    2. The frontier of opportunities for brands to reach and connect with consumers in a more intimate way is being enabled by the unique characteristics of location.
      In Location Based Marketing Association Continues Growth Launches Seattle Chapter
    3. We've had economic impact here at the Innovation Center, and it's really because of the funding we've been able to receive — this is the third year — through the Edison Incubator Program and Third Frontier.
      In OU Innovation Center to get $100,000 for business incubation