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    1. We're delighted to be working with our partners at NBC.com as they bring the Communicator experience to life for their loyal audience nationwide.
      David Lucatch in NBC.com Launches All-New Entertainment, Social Media and Computer-To-Computer ...
    2. The first wave of cloud computing growth was led by direct sales-led vendors Google, Amazon and Salesforce.com, but TBR believes partners will play a much larger role in driving the next wave of cloud computing adoption.
      In Microsoft Needs Its Traditional Business, Revenues Suggest
    3. We chose from a field of exceptionally talented and capable agencies. The Martin Agency is the best fit for Expedia.com based on the breadth and depth of their creative capabilities, strong cultural fit, and focus on delivering business results. This has been an exciting process for us, and we are delighted to have The Martin Agency as our new partner.
      In Expedia.com Selects The Martin Agency as New Advertising Partner