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  2. About American Marketing Association

    American Marketing Association

    The American Marketing Association (AMA) is the largest marketing association in North America. It is a professional association for individuals and organizations involved in the practice, teaching and study of marketing worldwide. It is also the source that marketers turn to every day for information/resources, education/training and professional networking. AMA members are connected to a network of experienced marketers nearly 40,000 strong and include leading marketing academics, researchers and practitioners from every industry.

    The AMA was formed in 1937 from the merger of two predecessor organizations, the National Association of Marketing Teachers and the American Marketing Society.
    For over six decades the AMA has been the leading source for information, knowledge sharing and development in the marketing profession. Published by the AMA, the Honomichl 50 lists the top 50 market research firms in the United States.

    The AMA's principal roles are:·       

    • Improving - Advancing marketing competencies, practice and thought leadership.
    • Promoting - Being an advocate for marketing and promoting its importance, efficacy and ethics.
    • Supporting - Being an essential resource for marketing information, education/training and relationships.

    AMA currently has 38,000 members. There are collegiate chapters on 250 campuses across the nation.

    AMA offers highly acclaimed seminars, workshops and Hot Topic events focused on the immediate needs of marketers, as well as trends shaping the future. AMA’s website, MarketingPower.com, is the everyday connection to marketing data, articles, case studies, best practices and a robust job bank. The AMA also is the source for the field’s top magazines and journals, including Marketing News. AMA professional and collegiate chapters and special interest groups keep members in touch with the best people and the best practices.