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    1. Purdue-related startup creates experience capturing platform that could replace, improve traditional survey tools

      Printer-friendly version Tyler Grant, software developer, and Louis Tay, Purdue psychological sciences professor, discuss data retrieved by Tay's new web and app-based platform that gathers more detailed information from conventional survey tools. Tay has founded Expimetrics to develop the platform, which can be used to generate more accurate responses to surveys using real-time, location-based, multimedia and tracking functions. (Purdue Research Foundation photo) WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind.

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    2. Mobile Advertising Networks Deliver $794 Million In Media Spend; Collect $254 Million In 2010 REVENUESeasid

      The report, Mobile Advertising Networks 2009 – 2013: Gross Media Spend and Platform Revenue ,analyzes total inventory by network, geography, billing models, pricing (CPC, CPM, CPA and eCPM) by ad format, fill rates, click-through rates and participation ...
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    3. Alcatel-Lucent Joins Mobile Marketing Association's Premium Membership ...

      These companies can provide leadership by accelerating innovation, removing critical industry blockers and expanding industry awareness of the benefits of mobile advertising. Premier Members commit themselves to long term concerted and collaborative ...
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