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    1. How The New York Times Came Back From The Brink

      How The New York Times Came Back From The Brink
      Two weeks ago, I went to the New York Times’ gleaming, modernist, Renzo Piano–­designed headquarters on Eighth Avenue in Manhattan to discuss some good financial news with Arthur Sulzberger Jr., the paper’s publisher and the chairman of the New York Times Company. Good news has been in short supply in the world of dead-tree media, and for the Times in particular. Click here to continue reading at New York Magazine... Please follow SAI on Twitter and Facebook. Join the conversation about this story » See Also: This Time-Lapse Video Shows 8 Months Of NYTimes.com In 5 MinutesReid Says Talks "Broke Down" Sunday, Offers New Debt Ceiling PlanUBS: August 2nd Isn't The Real Debt Ceiling Deadline
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