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    1. Turkey Has The Most Engaged Internet Users In Europe

      Turkey Has The Most Engaged Internet Users In Europe
      More than 17 million people in Turkey accessed the Internet from a home or work location in April, viewing an average of 3,044 pages per visitor, according to comScore. Of the 17 European countries individually reported by comScore, Germany's online audience was the largest with 40 million visitors in April, followed by the U.K. (36.8 million visitors), and France (36.3 million visitors). The ...
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    2. The Parnassus Group to Offer Reports Analyzing Twitter Sentiment: Radian6 Announced As Key Partner

      New "Deep dive" reports from The Parnassus Group will leverage the comprehensive Radian6 database to deliver interpretation of the online buzz surrounding brands. (PRWeb Jun 2, 2009) Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/sentiment/monitoring/prweb2488004.htm
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    3. Can you get rich from an iPhone app?

      Can you get rich from an iPhone app?
      Maybe – but even if you get into the charts, it may not be enough. Since Apple launched its application store last summer, a string of stories in the press have highlighted the lucky developers and programmers who have struck it rich through their iPhone programs. But becoming an iPhone mogul is much harder than just hitting the charts, according to the LA-based developer Rick Strom. His ...
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    4. Social media and video measurement take world of Web analytics to next level

      When Omniture announced a new solution to measure the success of Facebook applications last week, it was just another example of the growing complexity of analytics and the expansion of analytics beyond Web sites to social media content hubs such as YouTube, Facebook and blogs. In a way, experts say, the term 'Web analytics' itself is becoming a bit of a misnomer.
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    5. Weathering the Storm

      Weathering the Storm
      We all know that today's environment is very different than the one we operatored within even just a year ago.  Marketers have the challenge of adjusting their programs to the growing world of social media and the ever shrinking budget.  That doesn't mean that all our traditional strategies go out
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