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    1. Summer is off to a great start at ICE Worldwide!

      On June 10th we were honored to receive a 2015 American Web Design Award from Graphic Design USA for our work on Overland Solutions Inc. The competition showcases the power of web design to enrich online content and communications. ICE is so proud to be among the talented awardees to receive this honor in 2015!

      Web design is critical to the success of any good company. A well-designed website makes all the difference between your website’s visitors having a positive online experience or leaving them confused, frustrated, and disappointed. 94% of people cited that a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business, which is just one of several reasons why you should be focusing many efforts on your company’s website.

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    2. Why Video Should be a part of your Content Marketing Strategy

      Why Video Should be a part of your Content Marketing Strategy

      A recent study from Marketing Tech Blog says that online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic, which is one big reason this year has been called “The Year of Video Marketing”. Video has been proven to be far more effective at grabbing a viewer’s attention than text alone and also keeps your audience engaged. Video marketing can benefit your business in a number of ways, but most importantly, it keeps your business on track with the latest trends, so you won’t fall behind. 

      Video marketing keeps your strategy diverse, helping you stay up-to-date in the marketing world and attract large numbers of new visitors. Video provides a fresh new way to reach your audience by providing engaging content that if used in email marketing, can increase open rates, increase click-through rates, and reduce unsubscribe rates. 

      Are you convinced yet? If you’re ready to incorporate video into your content marketing strategy here are some ideas to help you get started.

      Add a Video to Your Homepage

      Welcoming a visitor to your site with a video provides them with fresh and appealing content the moment they enter.  Adding a short, entertaining and attention-grabbing video to your ...

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