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    1. How to Use Video As Your Ultimate Sales Weapon

      How to Use Video As Your Ultimate Sales Weapon

      January 19, 2016 Sarah Quinn

      Getting through to your customers is a tough gig.

      They ignore your calls, they've installed ad blocker across all of their devices, and they use Gmail to filter out your emails that took

      of brain power trying to come up with the perfect subject line.

      Bleak, isn't it?

      But don't take it personally, unless your name is David Brent, then chances are it's not you.

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    2. Top Business To Business Demand Generation Trends in 2016

      Top Business To Business Demand Generation Trends in 2016

      New year, same problems, similar trends. The problem for business to business (b2b) marketers consistently is demand generation and each year, businesses take the time to build on what they have been previously working with.

      The current statistic is that business to business buyers go through 70%-90% of the buyer journey before speaking with a vendor and as our customers evolve further and embrace digital channels as part of the research and buying cycle, they become more in control.

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    3. Facebook Releases Guide on Transformational Trends and What They Mean for Marketers

      Facebook Releases Guide on Transformational Trends and What They Mean for Marketers

      January 16, 2016 Andrew Hutchinson

      Social media and digital technologies have changed the way we connect, interact, and really, the way we live our lives overall. But that influence has evolved over time, and as such, the significance of it may not be clear - if you were to tell someone that social media has changed the world as we know it, they’d likely scoff at the suggestion.

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    4. How to Launch a Brand on Social Media in 5 Simple Steps

      How to Launch a Brand on Social Media in 5 Simple Steps

      January 15, 2016 Nathan Mendenhall

      It seems as if every brand in the world is already on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat are being flooded with content and advertising dollars, making social media sites some of the most competitive marketing channels out there. With so many players on the field, how does one launch a new brand successfully on social media? A colleague of mine is creating a new brand from the ground up and was lost as to where to start.

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    5. 7 Ways to Reach Your Target Market on Facebook

      7 Ways to Reach Your Target Market on Facebook

      January 14, 2016 Hicks Crawford

      Facebook is the second largest website on the internet, and as such, having a Facebook account for your business is almost a mandatory requirement for any organization that wishes to expand its online presence. However, a Facebook account for your business is meaningless unless you're able to reach the types of individuals that need your products and services. There are many ways to do this, some are simple and others are a little more complex.

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    6. 5 Upcoming Trends That Will Change How You Approach Social Media Marketing

      December 11, 2015 Brett Relander

      If it seems as though the world of social media marketing has changed dramatically in the last year or so, that may be nothing compared to what we’ll see in the coming year. Below, we explore five upcoming trends with the power to change how you approach your social media marketing strategy.

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    7. 10 Ways to Use Social Media to Improve Customer Experience and Satisfaction

      Social media can be a powerful communication medium to enhance relationships, earn trust and build brand awareness.

      Delivering a solid and quality product or service is only part of the equation for brand success in serving the needs of the always on, always connected customer of today - what customer journey and experience are you designing for your customers and audience?

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    8. 10 Digital Transformation Predictions for 2016

      10 Digital Transformation Predictions for 2016

      Does your CEO have a bold goal for 2016? Does the goal include the word ‘digital’ or ‘transformation’ in the description? Well, if so, they’re not alone in their quest for a superior IT-­enabled competitive advantage that positions their organization for the future.

      Business technology investment related to digital transformation (DX) projects will constitute the majority of growth in IT­-related markets over the next five years, according to the latest IDC assessment.

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    9. 7 Ways to Organize Your B2B Content to Improve Discoverability

      December 08, 2015 Victoria Hoffman

      Imagine walking into a grocery store and finding everything piled up in one gigantic heap in the middle of the store. I’m going to guess that you wouldn’t find this to be a very pleasant experience, especially when you know exactly what you’re looking for, and you want to find it,fast.

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    10. 7 Steps to Growing a Stunning Instagram Account That Converts

      7 Steps to Growing a Stunning Instagram Account That Converts

      Instagram is by far the sexiest social platform on the mainstream market. Its entire design behind its existence is to expose content in its purest form with simplicity and consistency. Until just recently was it virtually free of sponsored ads, but even now that the floodgates have opened for brands to promote, the experience hasn't been rattled.

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    11. 7 Tips for the Most Successful Facebook Ads You’ve Ever Created

      December 08, 2015 Sarah Snow

      What does a really successful Facebook ad look like?

      To figure out how Facebook’s algorithms for ads affects the success of ads, social media management agency Consumer Acquisiton “analyzed 100,000 Facebook ads and shared its findings to marketers who are desperate for some understanding of the minutiae that determine whether Facebook ads fail or succeed,” according to Amanda Walgrove in a Contently article.

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    12. 3 Growing Digital Trends for 2016: Automation, Personalization, Gamification.

      Marketing automation is a category of technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. Marketo

      Customizing a website’s content to match a specific user’s instructions, preferences or history (think Amazon’s “you might also like” feature). This custom personalization can be accomplished by tracking a user’s behavior (such as which pages are accessed and how often) on the site.

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      As you ramp-up and amp-up your content promotion and distribution, don’t lose sight of the need to integrate your efforts. Paid, earned and owned approaches complement each other. You’re likely to extend your reach even more when you use the strategies in combination. Keep in mind, each and every media placement should point back to your website and/or blog in order to capture traffic, leads and conversions. You’ll want to publish content to your central platform first, then direct paid and earned efforts back to your owned properties to drive engagement.

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    14. How To Become A Twitter Marketing Pro With $0 Budget [Infographic]

      Whether you are attempting to land a lucrative marketing job or have been tasked with handling your company’s social media accounts, becoming a Twitter expert is a great way to gain visibility and engagement for yourself and your organization. After all, having the know-how to use social media and manage real-time conversations has been named one of the top skills today’s candidates should have.

      As Twitter and other social media platforms continue to become an integral part of the customer service and marketing process, knowing how to reach goals with little to no budget can make you an important part of any business.

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    15. Mobile Apps: The Next Big Thing for Internal Communications

      Mobile Apps: The Next Big Thing for Internal Communications

      Internal communications is on the brink of the next big movement for employee engagement and interaction: mobile apps. Straight from the app store, a well-designed mobile app could connect a global workforce to news, information and resources.

      From print to email and now intranets, companies have long used these channels as the primary platform to share news, information and resources.

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