1. Social Media's Clumsy Ad Model Needs New Moves

    Social Media's Clumsy Ad Model Needs New Moves
    MEDIAWEEKSocial Media's Clumsy Ad Model Needs New MovesMEDIAWEEKRecently, comScore reported that social networking sites now account for over 20 percent of all display ads viewed on the Web. Sellers report that CPMs can ...
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    1. We've been talking to MySpace about two things.
    2. Inventory is something that can be dialed up or dialed down.
    3. I don't think this issue is going away.
    4. The challenge is that so many of these pages [on social sites] are pages that advertisers don't want anything to do with.
    5. Frankly, we use it as a selling point.
    6. We aren't seeing ad network type CPMs
    7. Everyone's interested in engagement ads.
    8. There are a whole lot of brands that have pages on Facebook that don't do advertising.
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