1. 8 Technologies and Platforms Every Forward-Thinking Marketer Needs to Know

    8 Technologies and Platforms Every Forward-Thinking Marketer Needs to Know

    Check out our full coverage. From IBM's souped-up supercomputer Watson to Google's tricked-out, self-driving cars, marketers are navigating a new wave of tech services and platforms beyond the walls of traditional advertising. Augmented reality, chatbots and artificial intelligence are all poised to become a bigger focus for marketers in the coming years, and advertisers are...

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    1. Waymo is the clear leader in the software that will control the autonomous vehicle.
    2. Being AI in itself doesn't make you a better model, and it's easy to get lost in that.
    3. While Google, Facebook and Microsoft all have initiatives in this space, Apple launching ARKit will bring impressive mobile-based AR to millions of people.
    4. This is a category ripe for AR's benefits.
    5. It's been incredible that so much early content on platforms like Oculus that has done well has been focused on social good and on real-world stories that matter.
    6. Disruptive innovations almost always start as toys, and Google Glass is another example of that.
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