1. How to Write a Business Plan

    How to Write a Business Plan

    Photo: Getty Images Taking Care of Business : A week devoted to taking our professional lives up a notch. So you have an idea. Biodegradable hair ties! A bar slash magazine! Soylent, but for dogs! The next step, it turns out, is googling “how to write a business plan” while debating whether you’ll be CEO/founder or founder/CEO.

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    1. No one wants to read your business plan.
    2. Writing a business plan is also a nice way to see how you work together and if you have the same goals for the company before going all-in.
    3. When you start a business, you want to know what the problem is, who you're solving it for, and whether they're going to pay for that solution.
    4. Consider the business plan an internal document that outlines the company's initial vision and plan.
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