1. Why did Twitter suspend Geofeedia over ACLU surveillance report?

    Why did Twitter suspend Geofeedia over ACLU surveillance report?

    After the American Civil Liberties Union released a report showing that Chicago-based startup Geofeedia had been contracted by multiple law enforcement agencies to conduct social media surveillance, Twitter announced Tuesday that it had suspended the company's access to commercial data for developers. While police contend the service can help them spot problems in real-time during large gatherings, the ACLU says the software can be easily used to track peaceful protesters and other groups.

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    1. I think my experience has been after-the-fact one can always try to justify something after a complaint is filed.
    2. Our stance is that this is a tool that should never be in the hands of law enforcement.
    3. I think that the police are always going to have an excuse or a reason why certain equipment is acceptable, why it's acceptable to use drones in our communities, or drive tanks in our neighborhoods, why Stingray, why military equipment used in time of war can be deployed in our communities.
    4. That said, we understand, given the ever-changing nature of digital technology, that we must continue to work to build on these critical protections of civil rights.
    5. You are able to see real-time potential threats being made to an event.
    6. It's a waste of resources that could be spent on implementing programs for police reform.
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