1. A road less travelled to succeed as a startup

    A road less travelled to succeed as a startup

    By Farhad Manjoo

    ATLANTA: The typical startup fairy tale goes something like this: You begin with young entrepreneurs from Stanford or Harvard who have come up with some novel idea for disrupting restaurants or dog-walking or whatever else.

    After creating a prototype, the guys (they are almost always men) enter startup boot camps like Y Combinator , recruit a group of early investors, and perhaps launch a Kickstarter with a slick video.

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    1. One of the problems with raising money is it teaches you bad habits from the start.
    2. The whole point of this business is to prove to small businesses that you can do this, because we did it.
    3. Every time we sat down with potential investors, they never seemed to understand small business.
    4. You're sitting on a gold mine, and if you pivot to enterprise, you could be huge.
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