1. Young entrepreneur guides Scanalytics to success

    Young entrepreneur guides Scanalytics to success

    The skills Matt McCoy learned as a teenager starting a landscaping company with his friend prepared him for entrepreneurship - and a key role as COO of the Menomonee Valley business Scanalytics, reports Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service.

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    1. We started to grow the company by knocking on doors in a sense and networking.
    2. His approach and execution on what most people would flat out run away from is a major testament to his work ethic, risk appetite and intelligence.
    3. From my dad, I learned a lot about what it takes to believe in yourself, believe in your trade and put yourself out there.
    4. Matt helped us understand our peak times better and how our clients move within the space of the business.
    5. He's passionate about his company and his clients and loves the opportunity to work well with other talented professionals.
    6. I think a lot of that success was predicated on pure grit, confidence and quality relationship management post-sale.
    7. Matt's greatest accomplishment is his ability to inspire.
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