1. Summer is off to a great start at ICE Worldwide!

    On June 10th we were honored to receive a 2015 American Web Design Award from Graphic Design USA for our work on Overland Solutions Inc. The competition showcases the power of web design to enrich online content and communications. ICE is so proud to be among the talented awardees to receive this honor in 2015!

    Web design is critical to the success of any good company. A well-designed website makes all the difference between your website’s visitors having a positive online experience or leaving them confused, frustrated, and disappointed. 94% of people cited that a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business, which is just one of several reasons why you should be focusing many efforts on your company’s website.

    A website is critical to developing an online presence, brand, and face for your company. A well designed website will generate increased customer traffic, as well as extend the amount of time users spend browsing. If you want your website to stand out among the competition, let’s talk about navigation, consistency, and content.


    Good navigation should be easy to find and easy to comprehend, making for swift travel throughout the entire website. Creating a navigation system that makes the reader feel comfortable, and allows them to find the content they want quickly is critical. When designing navigation, think of it as a road-sign system. While style is important, the over-riding design principle is functionality.

    The trick is to make it as simple as possible for the reader to use. There are two keys when it comes to website navigation: global navigation and the home link. Global Navigation refers to the bar that runs across the top and bottom of every webpage, containing links to major pages such as ‘about’, ‘contact us’, and ‘services’. Typically, this is an ideal arrangement that users have grown accustomed to. Another user expectation is that you have a home link, so that no matter where the user is navigating on the site they will always be able to quickly head back to the homepage.


    Consistency plays a role in navigation. Having a consistent flow of brand imagery, colors, text, and fonts will help the user travel from page to page. First and foremost, your company logo should be easily recognizable and present on each page of your website. Including your logo allows users to build a relationship with your brand, developing trust, security, and familiarity. Next, for more fluidity across your site, be sure to use a color palette and font collection representative of your brand and stick with it throughout every page of your site.


    Lastly, let’s discuss website content. Your site’s content communicates your company’s brand, position, and promise. Content should be short and to the point, yet warm and welcoming. If a lot of text is required on one page, try breaking it up with images that are relevant to the text. Studies have shown that web design which includes images of people is more persuasive. In a recent A/B testing study, a web app company saw a 102% increase in signups just because they added a picture of a smiling, happy person to the landing page.

    There are so many elements that go into creating a winning web design, which is why we are so honored to have received this award. We have an award winning team of designers here at ICE Worldwide and would love to help your company revamp its online presence! 


    By Katie Berry

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