1. Agency New Business Development Consultant, Hank Blank, Releases ...

    Agency New Business Development Consultant, Hank Blank, Releases ...
    (Business Wire) Hank Blank is an agency New Business development consultant helping advertising, public relations and interactive agencies effectively win more new business. Hank has a unique perspective on the New Business process because he also ...
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    1. I've been using networking as my method of expanding my business for years and now have put my learning and speaking material into a new, 72-minute audio CD called `Networking Your Way to New Business,'
    2. Networking is a very powerful tool. Seventy-five percent of all business deals come from networking. The phenomenal growth of social networking sites such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter attests to the power of networking, yet most people have no clue on how to effectively network. They miss the opportunity to capture the power of networking.
    3. As an agency owner in a highly competitive market I have found great value in Hank Blank's approach to `Networking Your Way to New Business.' I would recommend it as a guidebook and success formula for ongoing agency survival and success for any agency size from small to large.
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