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    1. 5 Tips to Improve Email Marketing

      5 Tips to Improve Email Marketing

      Email marketing is not dead. There are scores of statistics to support this claim. For example, every time you spend $1 on email marketing the average return is $44.25. Customers also speak for themselves, when polled 90% prefer an email newsletter opposed to social media to receive company updates. If you still aren’t convinced, what if we told you that email conversion rates are three times higher than social media conversions? It’s true. At ICE, we do a lot of email marketing. It is a terrific tool to nurture prospects, educate existing customers on new services, and, of course, secure attendees at events.

      The team here at ICE has decades of experience harnessing marketing tools for demand generation. That said, each day I’m constantly adjusting the way I approach each particular campaign. Yes, I said each particular campaign. At ICE, we don’t use a cookie-cutter template every time an event rolls in. We start from scratch. Rather than switch out content, we customize the approach specifically to the event and client’s needs. Despite the need for unique nuances in each campaign, there are some guiding principles we use to frame the approach.

      Below you ...

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    2. What Does the Hashtag Say?

      What Does the Hashtag Say?

      Our team attended the American Marketing Association's (AMA) Advanced Social Media Conference this fall at the Sheraton Hotel in Boston, MA. We were there to learn what the advanced social media marketing trends are today and what we need to do in the next year to really engage with our audiences. The conference focused on building a long-lasting online community by turning followers into fans, fans into advocates, and advocates into influencers. Here are a few things we learned.

      #News More and more people are using Twitter as their breaking news source. A recent survey found that nearly-half of  all adult Twitter users users use Twitter as their main source of news. This just goes to show it is extremely important to share press releases, white papers, and blogs on Twitter as soon as they are written.

      #Blog Speaking of blogs, people are reading them! Another survey explains that companies blogging only one to two times per month generate 70% more leads than those that don't blog at all. A successful blog should publish consistently to keep readers engaged.

      #Content When you are using Twitter, content is key. In order for a tweet to be successful it must ...

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    3. ICE’s Jocelyn Philbook Named Finalist in 2013 Stevie Awards for Women in Business

      ICE’s Jocelyn Philbook Named Finalist in 2013 Stevie Awards for Women in Business

      If you hear us humming "Superstition," it's because we are all feeling a little Stevie wonderful. The big news at ICE Worldwide is that our founder and managing partner, Jocelyn Philbrook, was named a finalist for the 2013 Stevie Awards for Women in Business. And, we think that totally rocks.

      The Stevie Awards recognize exemplary businesses and business leaders from around the world each year. This year marks the 10th year that the Stevie Awards for Women in Business will identify the most outstanding women executives and entrepreneurs from around the world. On November 8, 2013, we will find out if Jocelyn will bring home the gold, silver or bronze for the ICE team. Any of these is a great honor and a validation of all the hard work the entire ICE team puts into making ICE Worldwide a world-class marketing and advertising agency.

      It isn’t often that you get to work at a company that feels less like work and more like fun. There are a few things that make ICE just that company and why we think we were recognized:

      • We love technology and we only work with tech companies. For us, dinner conversation around acronyms ...
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    1. 3 Tips for Trustworthy Sponsored Content

      3 Tips for Trustworthy Sponsored Content
      For publishers and lifestyle websites that target moms, sponsored content can be a powerful marketing tool. Its form can range from quick articles to total site takeovers, and it allows consumer brands to tap into the audience of well-known publishers. As a publisher, how do you ensure that readers will trust and value this sponsored content?
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  3. VCs Making Headlines

    1. The Truth About Mobile Advertising? It’s a House of Cards

      The Truth About Mobile Advertising? It’s a House of Cards

      Like last year and the year before that, 2014 has been dubbed the “Year of Mobile” when ad dollars would start to catch up to smartphone usage. With major players like Facebook, Twitter and Google all pivoting to a mobile-first strategy, pundits claim this accelerated monetization as imminent. Unfortunately, there are fundamental hurdles inherent to the mobile ad ecosystem that must be cleared for this to become a reality.

      Illustration: Vahram Muradyan

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    2. Sysomos eBook, "5 Biggest Social Media Myths," Helps Companies Realize

      Sysomos eBook, "5 Biggest Social Media Myths," Helps Companies Realize

      To help brands successfully identify and leverage the most effective social channels to reach and connect with their audiences, Sysomos published the complimentary eBook, "5 Biggest Social Media Myths. " It strips away the biggest misconceptions and reveals truths about five ... B2B companies can use Pinterest as part of their content marketing strategy by pinning the latest content they want to promote and including a link to drive website traffic.

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    3. Mobile Marketing And Wireless Advertising - Strategies for Carriers: Global

      Mobile advertising will steadily morph to other devices, including tablet devices, network computers, e-readers, and cloud computers. Testing of ads for compatibility on devices other than phones is highly recommended before committing to purchase an ad.

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  4. News in Investor Relations

    1. Could Pinterest Be the Next Social Media IPO?

      Could Pinterest Be the Next Social Media IPO?

      Pinterest is probably a little young to consider an IPO but with its notoriety, growth rate, and increasing valuation, it's the next social media company in line to consider. Disclosure: At the time of this writing, Tim Parker had no position in the above mentioned ...

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    2. Twitter leans more on mobile; losses triple

      Twitter leans more on mobile; losses triple

      Twitter, ahead of its eagerly-anticipated listing, revealed greater reliance on mobile advertising in an amended IPO filing – but not enough to stop Q3 losses tripling year-on-year. More than 70 per cent of the company's advertising revenue came from phones ...

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