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    1. 11th Annual Stevie Awards

      11th Annual Stevie Awards

      November is a month to be extra thankful. Today, November 14th, marks the 11th Annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business and ICE Worldwide could not be more thankful to have our founder and managing partner, Jocelyn Philbrook, named a finalist again this year. Last year, Jocelyn was honored to take home a bronze Stevie Award, which was a remarkable way to end a great year. This year Jocelyn was named a finalist for Women Entrepreneur of the Year for Business Services (10 or Fewer Employees).

      Seriously, it’s an honor just be named among such outstanding women. This year, Jocelyn continued to build the ICE Worldwide family through new clients and new additions to the team. As a business owner and a mentor, Jocelyn is committed to creating opportunities for women in technology, including a new continuing education program this year for employees at the local college.

       With ICE, Jocelyn set out to break the mold of male-centric technology companies. The company fosters a unique team approach with an open office environment. There are no cubicles or offices at ICE headquarters—not even for Jocelyn—as a symbol of no boundaries. And the company continues to strike a ...

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    2. How to Use Hashtags to Your Advantage

      How to Use Hashtags to Your Advantage

      The “#” symbol, or hashtag, has grown organically from a Twitter-only search methodology to an essential part of social media. Use the # symbol before a word or phrase, and it instantly becomes a searchable link. Just remember that punctuation, spaces, and special characters are not supported. If spaces concern you, you can even paraphrase a complex thought by capitalizing the first letter of each word to make it easier to read. You can create a new hashtag to represent any topic, as long as it is both simple and relevant. After-all, you want people to be able to find what you’re sharing.

      Hashtags were born on Twitter, but are now supported by most of the larger social media platforms giving them an important role in your social media campaigns. Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Google+, Tumblr, and Pinterest all have various levels of hashtag support. That’s important because the best social media campaigns encompass multiple platforms. Consistency is critical for success, not to mention tractability.   

      So are you using hashtags across all social media channels? According to a survey, 43% of people believe hashtags are useful and 58% use hashtags regularly. Read on to learn more about how you can incorporate ...

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    3. The 80 – 20 Rule: Three Key Reasons to Use Infographics

      The 80 – 20 Rule: Three Key Reasons to Use Infographics

      Would you rather read paragraphs of text or look at a graphic that conveys all the information you need to know? Personally - I’d choose the latter.

      Our eyes are naturally drawn to images, they are more intriguing, attractive and, of course, more fun to share. As a whole, people remember 80% of what they see, 20% of what they read, and only 10% of what they hear. Why not include your content in that 80%? Enter: Infographics.

      Infographics have become one of the best tools for creating shareable content. Every business wants to go viral and, at the same time every business is competing against the tsunami of available online content. How do you make your content stand out? How do you get people to share what you’ve created? One way is by cutting to the chase with an infographic.

      If we look to science, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. Google searches for the term ‘infographics’ have grown more than 800% in the past several years. For those trying to garner media attention, 73% of journalists say they would rather report on press releases that contain images. Below is an example ...

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  2. Recent Marketing News

    1. 5 Social Media Hacks Every Marketer Should Know

      5 Social Media Hacks Every Marketer Should Know

      So many boundaries limit marketers and their social media goals. No GIFs on Facebook. No buy buttons on Pinterest. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative workarounds.

      Marketers are doing whatever they can to upgrade their social media tactics, even if the platforms haven’t officially sanctioned such activities yet. They've figured out how to livestream events to Facebook, for instance, and add e-commerce to Instagram. Here's a look at five clever ways brands are hacking social media.

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  3. VCs Making Headlines

    1. When It's Ok To Cheat - And 7 Other Success Secrets From Entrepreneurs

      When It's Ok To Cheat - And 7 Other Success Secrets From Entrepreneurs

      Many entrepreneurs dive in head first. If they’re manning a startup, they’re usually attempting to solve a problem that hasn’t, in their understanding, been fully addressed. And they’re coming up with a solution that will fix it. You have to be a little crazy, a lot of innovative and super willing to take risk to do this. It’s the perfect combination, in my opinion. I love being around these ...

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    2. Series B Fundraising For Your Enterprise Startup

      Series B Fundraising For Your Enterprise Startup

      After a seed round of $1-2 million helps build a working prototype and a $5-10M Series A enables a successful beta and launch, what comes next? Lots of entrepreneurs have reached out to me recently to discuss what it takes to raise a successful Series B, and luckily, for many enterprise companies, a similar pattern emerges. Read More

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    3. Looking for the hottest startups at the 2015 International CES?

      Looking for the hottest startups at the 2015 International CES?

      NEW YORK and WASHINGTON and AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- ShowStoppers® and the New York Angels today announced they are partnering again with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® to help entrepreneurs and startups raise early seed capital -- by...

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  4. News in Investor Relations

    1. Turkcell Launches Turkey’s First Investor Relations App

      Turkcell Launches Turkey’s First Investor Relations App

      Turkcell (NYSE:TKC) (BIST:TCELL), Turkey’s leading telecommunications and technology company, today launched its investor relations application ‘Turkcell IR app’ for investors and analysts. The app will be available for free at App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android mobile devices. With this development, Turkcell becomes the first company in Turkey to offer an investor relations app ...

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    2. Blogging Your Business: 4 Tips to Boost Your Blogging Campaign

      Blogging Your Business: 4 Tips to Boost Your Blogging Campaign

      NEW YORK, Sept. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Maintaining a company blog can help you generate brand recognition and significantly increase sales, yet because of time and creative constraints, many business owners are not committing to the task. The following four simple tips can help you...

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